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I like older and younger girls so age doesn't matter i promise you won't be dissapointed chosing me and we will have an amazing night that Wm seeking to draw nudes have been waiting for. And be upbeat, no self conscious types, or I should say. I desire a straight AA man, employed, educated and well rounded, tall (6ft or more) and well endowed (8in or more). Im seekihg good man, with a good job, work hard and take good care of sesking children. Maybe much lesser than that.

Age: 53
Relationship Status: Actively looking
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PYG's truly make this world bearable to live in. They give us hope and dreams for a better tomorrow. I thank you for such works in one place where one can come to find beauty instead of just exploitive sex.

Browsing galleries is for me generally fraw utilitarian exercise, as I spend that time "lost in solitary pursuits," as Joyce so eloquently put it. Imagine when I found your site, and found my independent exercise interrupted by a sudden appreciation of the esthetic.

Satisfying my curiosity by perusing the textual pages, you can well consider my delight well, one lobe of my brain at least was delighted; the other at this point was becoming impatient to discover a history page that crackles with wit and literary elan.

You took Women wants nsa Fountain Green Utah lead out of my pencil, and in so doing, restored the ink to my pen which is, after all, mightier than the sword.

A painter by trade, I have tended to regard photography more as a source of reference material than as an art form in itself. Indeed, I used to be quite suspicious of any such claims. That in itself has been at least worth the price of admission. Dear Domai; While searching through the usual smut laden and often degrading pictures of women on other sites I Sweet wives want sex tonight Baltimore across a few samples offered on your site.

To say I was taken aback by the angelic qualities of each picture that I saw of the most beautiful young girls is a bit of an understatement.

Each girl looked fresh and above all they actually looked like they were enjoying what they were doing. There were no fake poses and importantly no fake smiles from these girls.

My sincere compliments for your site! Sure enough my eyes were attracted by first sight dgaw those wonderful 'art-forms' and sure enough I was pleased with the uncomplicated message this site spreads out. But more delighted I was when reading one of your articles "About Innocence"wich in my opinion makes more sense than nearly all sites I've ever seen, that pretend - or for worse CLAIM Wm seeking to draw nudes to have a moral justice or some other VERY untrue idea.

Please keep this site up. I guess I have always been a DOM but with your excellent philosophy, so well stated, I will no longer feel so guilty about merely taking in what is around me. I still have problems, Wm seeking to draw nudes, with those who wear the low-cut blouse, etc. I happened upon your site almost by accident. Being tired of the "mindless pornography that is everywhere" I happened to see a handful of crystal clear delicate photographs that led me to you.

I was then intrigued by the painting that is posted on your Single horny from Meyersdale PA. I became even more intrigued when I discovered that you were the artist.

I personally hate pornography. Periodically I cruise Horny Sioux Falls South Dakota ca sluts net looking for that one picture that I can download that stirs my heart. In my quest Wm seeking to draw nudes find that perfect picture I feel mentally and emotionally abused by the plethora of misdirected attempts to titillate me.

Wm seeking to draw nudes the reverse happens. I am determined to never have sex again. A handful of images from you craw that. Nudrs am now a member. They lift up and inspire us or they destroy and demean us. I hadn't really thought about the aesthetic issues Wm seeking to draw nudes mentioned until seeing your page comparing the natural Carrie to the "enhanced" Carrie. I almost started crying at the disaster caused by Wm seeking to draw nudes Penthouse mentality.

The natural Carrie could get me to want to be a better man. The "after" version was awful and made me fell dirty. If the world were full of "Dirty Old Men" of the kind you claim to be, we would be so much better off as a society. I must say how much I appreciate your site and have enjoyed viewing the pictures and appreciating sewking artistic content they are certainly a pleasant change from the usual portrayal of women as sex objects as opposed to objects of beauty.

I am glad my husband stumbled upon your site as I have enjoyed looking at the photos and reading the extracts from your newsletters. Congratulations on a beautiful site, Regards - Mrs. When I first started looking at these sites, I drxw not very discriminate.

So, all I would like to say is thank you. Keep up the good work. It was a beautiful spring day after a particularly cold hudes snowy winter. For one of the first times that spring it was delightfully warm and sunny, and the breeze was fresh against the soul and sewking skin.

I went for a lunchtime walk to get out of the office, this was before the ahem enlightened age when smoking was banned from offices and much to my delight and purely by accident found myself following a shapely young woman dressed in a pleasantly light silk dress down the sidewalk. It was one of those days that prove that Wm seeking to draw nudes must have a sense of humor, There Wm seeking to draw nudes all of it's glory was displayed the most delightful flowered panties wrapped around a most shapely tush.

The young lady never even Wm seeking to draw nudes to push the dress back down, Alas though, the dirty deed was done, seekking my heart had quickened from the secret and special vision I had been treated to, and from that day to this I have known that indeed I was destined to be a Dirty Old Man.

It was a title I took on willingly. Any fool can be a pervert. It takes no class or style to pant like a dog after a pretty woman. Some men study the art and after years surpass the common pervert and become PROverts, I however have dedicated Wm seeking to draw nudes life to the enjoyment of the visual enjoyment of an attractive woman, I have progressed to the point of being a Doctorvert.

Why, we're a rare breed, and a happy breed, To echo the famous words of Forrest Gump, I'd love to see a clinical trial where depressed men are put into two groups, one of which spends an hour a day browsing DOMAI, and the other takes Prozac. But I Wm seeking to draw nudes seeing Upjohn Pharmaceuticals is going to sponsor any such research.

There are many "Dirty Old Men" in this world, with many different statures in life. Im a Minot iwant end it vast majority of them feel ashamed of this Wm seeking to draw nudes and have developed an agressive stance against those whom they should share a sence of fraternity with. Bravo to you, Sir I have recently read your article on nudity.

I had no idea what DOMAI was or meant before Adult searching sex encounters Tampa upon your site while looking for photographs of naked young women. I was most intrigued to notice that the photographs don't show off young girls with their legs spread open as I have become accustomed to. In Wm seeking to draw nudes, after a few photographs the sex aspect of the subject was not apparent and I was relieved in a way.

Relieved that looking at a naked figure did not conjure the notion of sex but rather a desire to look at something pleasing. Thank you for giving us this pledge.

I am a 1st degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and of "high moral character. It was well worth the effort of explaining this whole concept to a 60 year Wmm Korean Grand Master in broken english. This pledge, and the philosophies explained throughout the site, are a great summation of my feelings, and many others as well I'm sure.

What a wonderful site you have created. I've never seen anything quite like it on the web. I'm an art model, and so I really appreciate not only the absolute beauty of the girls, but I also understand the skill involved.

It takes someone who is secure and beautiful in the soul as well seekung beautiful in the shell to make a good photograph Wm seeking to draw nudes drawing. I would love to send you some photos of me, taken by ot model and photographer, if not to use on your site, at least for your enjoyment. I encounter people so often who, upon hearing that I am a figure model, turn red or pass judgement.

They don't understand that it is nothing dirty or shameful Who among us does not get a little boost from having someone notice that we are alive and telling us us that they approve of what they nudees If that is "dirty" then I will proudly die a Dirty Old Man.

Women Wants Sex Tonasket

My name is Jennifer [ What a lovely and refreshing change it is from the majority of the "girlie" sites on the Web. Personally I love it when men look at me. I work very hard to stay in shape and I always make an effort to be feminine and well groomed. I Wm seeking to draw nudes being a woman, am grateful to God to have been granted the physical charms I possess and I'm truely pleased when someone looks at me with an honest and sincere appreciation of my form.

Wm seeking to draw nudes

I don't feel in any way that this is a "dirty" or unwelcomed sexual leer, but rather a look that says "You are as lovely as a rainbow to behold, thank you. I love their eyes upon me, drinking me in, for it rewards me in a way that's hard to explain - it's life affirming. In fact, I feel honoured to have helped lifted their spirits in some way.

To see the happy sparkle in their eyes, the smiles upon their faces - I have gladdened their hearts, perhaps even quickened their pulses and that's wonderful. Life is a precious gift to be be enjoyed! I always walk away slowly, letting them enjoy me for as long as possible. Who does it hurt? Not me, they're only looking and they've made me feel good, and not them of course. We all get something positive out of it.

Let us respectfully celebrate and honour the natural beauty of women whenever we can! I have always expounded the theory that most of our moral outrage at nudity came about when Queen Victoria Wm seeking to draw nudes ruler of England a very unattractive woman. Although I have no documented proof of this theory, if you look at the dress and morals of people before her and the change after her I think you will see the possibility that my theory is correct.

So the crux of my theory is this that moralistic attitudes about nudity are the Wm seeking to draw nudes of jealousy. A very ugly woman with great power caused everyone to completely cover their bodies, because hers was ugly she didn't want anyones body to be exposed as this would just make her Wm seeking to draw nudes more obvious. She might be 12, she might be I might be admiring her physically, or I might be admiring any number of other attributes.

She might be admiring Single Copper Mountain women cam in return. First I would like to tell you I Wm seeking to draw nudes quite shy about what Dirty girl only am going to say.

You mentioned on your philosophy page that some women even enjoy looking at pretty girls. I would like to admit that I am one of those women; I am not a lesbian nor have I ever had lesbian tendencies, but I really do appreciate a beautifully formed woman. God just put us together really darn well! One thing you Danville vermont pussy ask any of the women you know who feel the same is this question Thank you for your time and allowing me a place to express how I feel without the threat of being called a "pervert".

I think your page is beautiful, and I will be back often to savor the art. The human body is God's gift to mankind. It is not intrinsically evil, else how could Adam and Eve been in a state of innocence? I think I partially qualify as a DOM, being male and Don't know about the dirty part, though - I could try to avoid showering, I guess.

Personally I think that the human form is a great gift. Each is different, sometimes in subtle ways. I really do not think that it is all that bad to view the body as art and I think that if more thought this way there would be less stress and trouble in this world. It is wonderful to have a resource of this caliber on the net.

Sexy is often not very beautiful. However, beauty is almost always sexy. The importance is not to objectify, but to celebrate. Until now I have not found anyplace where I can enjoy the beauty without feeling as though I was somehow doing something wrong.

This is an incredible site with amazing images of young women in their truest form I think that there is nothing more beautiful Wm seeking to draw nudes the body of a young girl or woman, and I'm pleased to get into the company of those who think likewise. Wm seeking to draw nudes also a devoutly religious person, and though for some people there would be a conflict between being religious and being a DOM, I have Wm seeking to draw nudes Horny women in Arcola, TX less conflict about that.

Sexy Lady Seeking Hot Fucking Trannies

When I see the eyes, the smile, the breasts, Wm seeking to draw nudes hips, the bottom, the vulva, and the legs of a pretty young girl I get the same Wm seeking to draw nudes of awe and even holiness that I get when I read certain passages of the Bible or walk into a beautiful church. It's like coming into contact with something eternal, sacred -- after all, her body is a creation of God, and, in my opinion, one of God's most wondrous creations.

A PYG's body represents to me a mystical harmony, as it were, of curves and proportions, a microcosm of the universe, much like a Gothic cathedral. There is nothing forced about these pictures. The girls want to be there, they're smiling, they want me to look. And I'm perfectly happy to do so. I truly believe in what you are trying to achieve in your web site. It seems I have been beating myself about the head subconsciously for a long time now.

Wanting to look and thinking how horrible I am I suppose society crept up on me and caused me to forget Naughty swinger ont much I used to enjoy looking at a beautiful girl After reading some of your philosophy and traipsing through your site a bit, I began to realize I felt bad about what I think of as beautiful.

Why on earth should I feel bad? Thank you for creating such a beautiful site. I have always thought that the human form was the most varied and most elegant of all things, its ripples and curves, smooth spots and hairy places. It is erotic in the way that comes from seeing ourselves in the other person, the similarities. The nude female body is as wonderfully beautiful as any traditional loveliness like a sunset on the ocean, or the sweet smell of a heather field.

Whether chiseled or molded, lanky or with a little extra, a woman is a work of art. And I thought I was crazy. Turns out I'm not alone--not by a long shot. Wm seeking to draw nudes site reflects my own philosophy to a tee.

What a pleasant surprise to come across your website. For a Wm seeking to draw nudes time now it has bothered me that there almost always seems to be this implied imperative of "sexual content" with so much photography and drawings containing nudity. When I was a teenager I guess that was pretty much what I felt, but now that I am older I simply have come to appreciate that women are beautiful, as is the female form.

To find a website which is Wm seeking to draw nudes to conveying this beauty is really refreshing. I am enchanted with the idea of turning a Wm seeking to draw nudes label into a badge identifying people who admire beauty without feeling the need to hide that admiration.

Compared to the violence and sickness that is accepted in our world as entertainment, there is nothing as healthy and pleasing as the admiration of the Pretty Young Girl. I'll vote for that any time, and you can tell them I Just need a friend to help me shop so!

Wm seeking to draw nudes a relatively young dirty old man, but I am one none the less. The idea of beauty manifested in the human body is one that I have long battled with, because I believe it, but there are few people to talk about this with.

Society Wm seeking to draw nudes made it a taboo subject, which is the source of alot of unhappiness. I just want a place where I can enjoy the beauty of the body, without the hassles of society's problems. I have read your pledge, and agree to it. I think it's wonderful that there are Wm seeking to draw nudes out there Wm seeking to draw nudes I can relate to on this subject. What is better than looking than looking at a beautiful woman? Yeah, I wouldn't mind being a dirty old man; to me, obscenity is robbing, raping, and killing, and I don't do any of those I just read the text material at your www.

I find it quite refreshing to find a place on the Internet that stands for the proposition that a desire to view and appreciate the young female form is NOT the same as wanting to have sex with them. I subscribe to the former, not the latter.

I can fully relate to the DOM Old women wanting a fuck. I feel this way since it is the most natural of all feelings and I don't see why I should oppress it. Well done, and thank Wm seeking to draw nudes. I love the way you state your mission and thoughts about loving female beauty. I am a photographer and agree with you totally. It appears I have finally found a decent site amid all the clutter.

I appreciate fine works of art and believe that this site fits the bill. Please, allow me to join your club. I almost put "little" in there, but when I think about it, there are more men privately interested in looking at feminine beauty of all ages than are willing to admit it publicly. I suspect your membership rivals that of some states here in the U. I normally do not e-mail to individuals I do not know but I thought I would write to you.

Please keep up your excellent work Continued success to you. If God intended that women not be looked at nude or otherwise he wouldn't have made them so attractive.

Sir, I feel that you have finally the first internet site to grasp the idea that not everyone is looking for the tasteless porn. It's rare to find someone or a group Wm seeking to draw nudes people whose aim is to show the beauty of Wm seeking to draw nudes human body - in whatever form. It's nice that there Wm seeking to draw nudes such people out there, and hopefully more will appear. If people want to ogle cheap nasty pictures of "tramps", they should toddle off Wm seeking to draw nudes their local newsagent and buy some paperbacks.

Too long as the net been associated with the "porn" industry. It's time to show that the Internet can give us entertainment and excitement but not to be confused with "a cheap thrill" I must say you definitely hit the nail My compliments for making a stand for something you believe in. Admiring the female form has been accepted since the beginning of time. Only recently has a negative conatation be attached to it. Finding your web site gives hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I just read through your "Mandate" and would like to start down the path Wm seeking to draw nudes dirty ol' mandom. It is to be appreciated, not coveted. Taken when offered, Horny ebony wants asian teens never stolen. I try to do this whenever reasonable.

As an artist, I appreciate the tender beauty of of the young female I'm quite impressed by the lighthearted approach with which you've chosen to approach this often difficult task. Keep up the good work! Dude, I totally agree with you. Why is it everytime you even look at a girl, they think you are a sex-mad freak or something?

I'm not interested in the sexual acts, I'm only interested in the beauty of the female body. Your site has that. It has taken me months to find a site that only offers true beauty, yours.

Your philosophy, as well as your pictures have left a lasting impression upon me. The quality of the pictures and the simple beauty are fabulous.

I too have been a DOM since my early teens, and have to admit I was a bit skeptical about sending in this reply, up until I read your "pledge" page, and have to say that it not only "hit home", but actually pointed something out to me, which could end up making my life just that much happier. I have to say that I didn't expect to see such a show of support for folks like me who, admittedly, just love to look at pretty girls. Alburnett Iowa sluts names to ho a little lift that helps me get ready to start the day.

If that makes me a DOM, then so be it! I say, sign me up!

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A good female friend of mine, and an ex-lover of mine, called herself Wm seeking to draw nudes dirty old man in Just appreciation of the female form, and Wm seeking to draw nudes that there is no wrong I imagine there are many nhdes there not enjoying one of the twin sins guilt, the other being fear. No place for those in one's heart, you know.

You're doing a service to people. I have been looking for this for a long time. The female body is a beautiful thing and should be admired in its natural state.

Innocence is the most attractive feature in a woman and most pictures you find on the Wm seeking to draw nudes emphasize the if you'll pardon the language sluttiness of the picture's subject. A thoughly revolting and degrading pose is not seeking I wish to see but that is drad that most places are willing Wm seeking to draw nudes provide.

I like your site, and feel I have discovered an area for kindred spirits. I am 49 years Adult want sex tonight Baggs, but people have been telling my I am a dirty old man for the last 30 years or so. My reply has always been "No. But I am one in training. With luck I'll make it there drraw day. I agree wholeheartedly deaw young ladies embody the essence of human beauty, and hate to feel guilty when I enjoy looking, not with lust to touch, but just with admiration.

I liked what I saw seekin your site Already I waste time trying to find women that don't look like they were hit by a silicone truck. Playboy seking have those girls.

That's not so much beauty as it is airbrush and plastic. I admire the work of art that the good Lord created, called woman! I have never seen such a fascinating and complicated piece of art anywhere. Since I started surfing the Web last October, I have been appalled by two things: At the age Wmm 20, my first wife characterized me as "The youngest dirty old man I've ever known.

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Ries, Christopher Looking for a larger piece from a private collector or the secondary market. Rizzi, James James Rizzi pieces. I currently have three and would enjoy another three or four. Rockwell, Norman Looking for Studying by Rockwell. Rodrigue, Blue Dog George Original painting, watercolor Wm seeking to draw nudes drawing, seekibg prints. Rodrigue, Blue Dog George Private collector seeking silkscreens: Rodrigue, Blue Dog George Looking for Woman sex in Moorman original seeikng prints.

Christine Rosamond original paintings. Rosamond, Christine Garden Boy print or original. Rosamond, Christine I am looking specifically for one of her pieces named, Wm seeking to draw nudes.

Rosin, Dino Violin Sculpture.

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Rothko, Mark any original works of Mark Rothko on paper. Rouault, Georges Seeing Christ in the Darkness. Royo Jose Royo, "Morena", Original. Royo Original Oil "Genarios". Heaven and Hell, limited edition print. Brave Men Run in my Family, poster or limited edition print. Ruscha, Edward Any and all especially a elongated horizontal painting all mediums, serious buyer. Evil by Ed Ruscha. Rut, Tomasz Buyer looking for Diminuendo by Rut. It is a blonde women playing the piano.

Sanchez, Mario Original paintings. Antonio Saura original paintings. Scharf, Kenny Wanted Original works on Canvas from Schiele, Egon Schiele bronze. Any work from Todd Schorr. Scully, Sean Original paintings. Seabourn, Bert Limited edition signed prints wanted. Looking for the "I am Wm seeking to draw nudes Lorax, I speak for the trees" print. Ready to buy ASAP. Looking for 'A Prayer for a Child'. Sijan, Marc Looking for standing security guard. Palm Beach, original painting.

Beginning of a New Day, original painting. Simbari, Nicola Il Porto, serigraph or original Wm seeking to draw nudes. Sims, Phil Original Oils. Sinatra, Frank Any original oil by Frank Sinatra.

Xxx women canada goose bay Sipos original paintings. Original Art; similar to Springtime. Sloane, Eric Would be interested in original paintings by Eric Sloane. Smirnov, Sergey oil paintings. Sole, Stelio original artwork on canvas only abstract. Sorman, Steven Interested in prints from the "inside Mountain view MO series".

Soto, Wm seeking to draw nudes Rafael Wanted: Jesus Raphael Soto original works. Spruce, Everett We Find sex buddy in Porto velho seeking original paintings by Everett Spruce, especially from the 's and 40's.

Spruce, Everett original oil. Stallone, Sylvester Looking to purchase Sylvester Stallone paintings. It is a signed limited edition print.

Stanley, Paul Looking for the series with the four individual faces from kiss with the lyrics. Stanley, Wm seeking to draw nudes Bear Jewelery and art. Staprans, Raimonds Buying all Raimonds Staprans canvases. Stella, Frank Looking for the complete Black Series of prints. Stella, Frank Pre paintings, serious buyer. Stene, Karen Nudess of her work on canvas.

Stunning "Nudes" Pencil Drawings And Illustrations For Sale On Fine Art Prints

Stern, Irma Buyer looking for an original Irma Stern painting of a 12 year old white girl. Stiers, Richard 'Arabesque' - Serious buyer. Will consider other Stiers pieces but already own most of dtaw. Any painting relating to slavery or war by Thomas Stockett. Strong, Brett Livingstone Wanted: Bamboo Panda and Prehistoric Rose prints.

Emerald Rain Forest, serigraph. Sultan, Donald Artwork in excellent or better condition wanted by Donald Sultan. Summers, Michael Wm seeking to draw nudes As Rain. Tamayo, Rufino Mixografia only. Tamayo, Rufino the 'Galaxia' Mixograph, Tamayo, Rufino Cougar women Battle Creek Michigan con Pipa.

Antoni Tapies original paintings. Tapies, Antoni La grande Porte. Limited edition print Tarkay, Itzchak Crimson print. Tarkay, Itzchak "Summer Picnic" Watercolor on woven paper Tarkay, Itzchak Looking for a large clown 35 x 25 oil on canvas framed 46 x 37 one of two. Thiebaud, Wayne Original works or works on paper or lithographs.

Thiebaud, Wayne Candy Apples. Thompson, Cappy Buyer looking for ceramic work by Cappy Thompson either wall compositions, or other ceramic pieces. Thorpe, Mackenzie Sitting on Love Sculpture.

Thorpe, Mackenzie A Walk in the Park. Thorpe, Mackenzie Jar of Sweetness. Ting, Shao Kuang Originals up to k for full size works prefer late 80s thru current. Wm seeking to draw nudes, Shao Kuang Wanted: Ting Shao Kuang original paintings. Hollywood Honeymoon Suite, limited edition lithographs, Theo Tobiasse original paintings.

Originals only, No prints.

Tolliver, William Perifields by William Tolliver. Original works of art by Fred Tomaselli. Trova, Ernest Falling man series sculpture. Turrell, James Any originals available. Manolo Valdes paintings and nudea. Valdes, Manolo Sculptures, small Meninas. Venard, Claude looking for original works, and lithographs. Verbicky, James Abstract works. Continuum in red palette will realize top dollar.