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Writers occasionally confuse these two words, which sound alike but have different meanings and functions in the sentence.

It is very important, however, for the writer, the student, the job applicant, etc. In this tonught, I want to summarize the differences between these two words.

Whos down tonight

I will go over their uses and functions in a sentence and discuss the problem areas associated with them. What does whose mean?

tomight Whose is the possessive form of the pronoun who and is defined as belonging to or associated with which person. When used in a sentence, it usually but not always appears before a noun.

Whose functions the same way that other possessive pronouns work like its and Whos down tonight.

Who is coming to the party tonight? Who has been to Chicago?

Some native English speakers and writers might have trouble understanding why this is confusing topic for English language learners. The difference is relatively straightforward.

This is not the case with pronouns like who, your, it. These words have their own possessive form, rather than taking on Whos down tonight apostrophe to show possession.

There is one easy trick to determine which tonght these words is the correct Whos down tonight for your sentence. Since the s, grammarians and usage commentators have held that whose can only be used as the possessive of whonot which.

Whos down tonight In other words, whose can only refer to people, not inanimate antecedents. Under this understanding of whosethe first example would be acceptable since it refers to people. The second example, which refers to a river, would be an unacceptable use of whose.

This is still a delicate topic to this day, but the prohibition on whose as a possessive for which seems to be waning. In its usage Whos down tonight on whoseThe American Heritage Dictionary shows there to be large opposition when applying whose to inanimate objects.

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The reason it matters is because this use of whose can be helpful at times, since which and Whos down tonight do not have possessive forms and substituting of which can be cumbersome. There still may be some who object, but this use has entered the mainstream.