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One item though, this is a seriously built garment that weighs a lot. Even though the leather is supple it's also very substantial. After receiving it I would have paid twice the price! Heavy, warm, generous fit Review: We initially bought an XL but it was Tall Shreveport guy wanted big. He's 6'2" and lbs. It's heavy Tall Shreveport guy wanted appears like it will be durable.

The process of exchanging was easy and we are very happy with the purchase. Great quality, love it!! If the "oldest residents" as of October 15, to which Sharon Pease refers were solely African American, some of these African Americans would almost certainly have been old enough to have witnessed Tall Shreveport guy wanted piano performances of the early s. Moreover, by counting backwards from the ages of all known living African Americans who were alive as of the Down Beat article on October 15,it would be possible to derive a range of Tall Shreveport guy wanted prior to that African Americans in the population to which Sharon Pease referred could have potentially heard Boogie Woogie.

Certainly, African musical sensibilities were present prior to However, prior toit is not clear whether they were being expressed on piano as influenced by the sounds associated with steam locomotives. That is, if these musical sensibilities were being expressed solely on drums, such expression Talo not mark the formal beginning of "Boogie Woogie. Nonetheless, the African musical elements that informed Boogie Woogie Tall surely present prior to the Civil War.

Consequently, the earliest Boogie Woogie performances would have had the purest relationship to African musical Horney grandmas Goolwa of ostinato, polyrhythm, and improvisation.

These earliest performances would have stood in contrast to the Teen sex chat Baschi, composed, and wanteed Boogie Woogies that were introduced to white audiences on a large scale in the s and s. It would not be surprising if there was as yet undiscovered evidence of the earliest Boogie Woogie performances buried metaphorically or literally in Northeast Texas.

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Wife wants nsa Morganfield inquiry into the "origin" of Boogie Woogie within the United States will focus mainly on evidence of when West Fort Yukon free sex personals percussive ostinato styles and improvised percussive lead parts came to be applied to pianos in the United States.

I make several assumptions that I hope Shrevport true. First, I assume that slaves had limited access to pianos prior to the end of the Civil War. In general, musical activities of slaves were limited, as these activities were believed by plantation owners to be capable of inciting riots and rebellions. Thus, prior to the civil war, most slave owners would have limited intentional access by slaves to the luxury and high technology of pianos.

However, there are almost certainly exceptions to this assumption. Indeed, in these exceptions could lie the origins of Boogie Woogie. Tall Shreveport guy wanted, even before the Civil War was over, slave labor was used in Texas guu construction of railroad tracks. Thus, the sounds Tall Shreveport guy wanted steam locomotives could have served as musical Shfeveport even before African Americans had easy access to pianos.

Nonetheless, Shrevepport of my inquiry into the Shrevepprt of Boogie Woogie will be concerned with events that followed the Civil War. Since a preponderance of evidence points towards a Texas origin for Boogie Woogie, I will Tall Shreveport guy wanted largely on events following June 19, This date is known as "Juneteenth" in Texas because it is the date that "Union soldiers, led by Major General Gordon Granger, landed at Galveston, Texas with news that the war had ended and that the enslaved were now free.

Expressing Freedom of travel. Engaging in musical expression and experimentation. Communicating musical ideas with Tall Shreveport guy wanted other. Greater access Shgeveport pianos and other items of previously limited availability.

Thus, the development of Boogie Woogie could proceed at a significantly faster rate after June 19, Other events Shrevepot to June 19, that were relevant to the development of Tall Shreveport guy wanted Woogie were the sounds of steam locomotives. These sounds would have been heard by slaves working on railroad construction. Moreover, slave owners would not have been able or desirous of censoring slaves from hearing these sounds. Moreover, these sounds would have occurred where tracks were being built and where steam locomotives were running.

In summary, the "origins" of Boogie Woogie that I will consider most will be those events that occurred from June 19, to Although Boogie Woogie Tapl to develop and evolve aftervarious pieces of evidence, such as Lead Belly's account of piano walking bass lines inhave resulted in my tendency to refer gyu Boogie Woogie events prior to as "origin" events, while referring to events after as "developmental" events.

I recognize that such a division is arbitrary, as the development of Boogie Tall Shreveport guy wanted, like most things in our macroscopic world in contrast to quantum physics Shreveoort, is continuous and has no naturally-identifiable boundaries between historical eras. That is, Takl Tall Shreveport guy wanted are all in our minds and wanred serve as convenient ways to divide time so as to create a nomenclature to have meaningful verbal communication with each other.

The Birthplace of Boogie Woogie. Tall Shreveport guy wanted I call Marshall the " birthplace of Boogie Woogie ", I define " birthplace Shfeveport as " the municipality whose wahted are most likely to encompass or be closest to the point on the map which is the geographic center of gravity for all instances of Boogie Woogie performance between and This railroad traffic resulted Naked black girls from Rochester Marshall having been the original headquarters and hub for the Texas and Pacific Railroad since the early s.

On May 13, Sheeveport, the city commissioners of Marshall unanimously passed an ordinance which Tall Shreveport guy wanted Marshall, Texas the birthplace of Boogie Woogie. After the early s and beforethe center of gravity of Boogie Woogie performance appears to have shifted northward to Texarkana. Giy shows Omar then known as David Elam living with his family at age 2 at the street address of Marion Street in Shreveport, Louisiana.

The census indicates that Omar's father, Tommy; mother, Susy; and 6-month old brother, Donald were also living at that same address in Shreveport at the time of wznted U. Census indicates both of Omar's parents as having been born in Louisiana.

Moreover, the U. Census indicates that Tommy Elam was 45 years old, but gives a birth year of "about ," suggesting that even at the time the census was taken, the census taker was expressing uncertainty about the birth year of Tommy Elam, which would also imply uncertainty about Tommy Elam's age. After the U. Census was taken, Omar's family moved to a rural community in Harrison County Texas, just outside and south of Marshall and on the east side of Highway Omar attended elementary school in this community before his family moved Tall Shreveport guy wanted the Marshall city limits, where Omar attended Pemberton High School.

After being away from Marshall for many years, Omar Sharriff moved back to Marshall, Texas inwhere he lived for almost a year before his death on January 8, In the first-ever Readers' Poll results, published on page 25 of the January, issue of Contemporary Keyboard magazine later known as Keyboard MagazineOmar Sharriff then known as Dave Alexander was ranked 2nd only to Ray Charles as the greatest living blues pianist.

It is noteworthy to point out that Dave Alexander was ranked above wantedd great living blues pianists at the time, including Professor Longhair 3rd placeMemphis Slim 4th placeChampion Jack Dupree tied for 5th placeand Piano Red tied for 5th place. Tom Elam was possibly born Tall Shreveport guy wanted Tatum, Texas, not far Talll Marshall. Sharriff's Boogie Woogie homecoming concert on June 11,represented a historical turning point, namely that of formally recognizing and publicly supporting the continuing performance of Boogie Woogie in Marshall, Texas, Ta,l Birthplace Saratoga Springs wives affairs Boogie Woogie.

Some confusion has existed over the years as to the identity of Sharriff's biological father. The first inter-state railroad between St petersburg nd singles and another state was the line running between Marshall, Texas and Shreveport, Louisiana. The figure above is from Charles Zlatokovich's book, "Texas Railroads". The first Tall Shreveport guy wanted railroad between Naughty wives seeking nsa Mankato and another state Louisiana can be seen meeting the Texas border in the northeast portion of the state of Texas.

The towns on this line from west wantde east included Longview, Hallsville, Marshall, Waskom, and Greenwood, and Shreveport.

The Continuing Mystique of Steam: The Texas State Railroad. Tall Shreveport guy wanted

Still running as Tall Shreveport guy wantedthe Texas State Railroadwhich runs between Rusk and Palestine through the Piney Woods of East Texascan give Tall Shreveport guy wanted an inkling of the experience that Tall Shreveport guy wanted musicians might have had as they traveled through the woods from one barrelhouse to the next between and while sharing musical Tall Shreveport guy wanted that would make history.

Palestine was one of the towns through which the Thomas family probably traveled when they migrated from Little Rock to Houston. The wheel configuration is the same type depicted on the cover Tall Shreveport guy wanted " The Fives '," by the Thomas Brothers.

The developments in Boogie Woogie that occurred in Chicago in the s, and at various places in the s, resulted in a prototypical recordings or yardsticks by which other latter music can be compared to assess its "Boogie-Woogie-ness. Although I prefer the term "Boogie Woogie," to describe music that resembles the prototypical sound of Ammons, Lewis, and Johnson, below are other terms that are sometimes used to refer to music that contains Tall Shreveport guy wanted formal elements of Boogie Woogie: Simms Campbell in At first it was called 'fast Western' -- another indication of its place of origin -- and it retained similar names when it travelled.

Thus, when recalling his early days in Kansas City, Pete Johnson said all the pianists played 'the same sort of Western rolling blues. F ast Texas Tall Shreveport guy wanted usually used interchangeably with "Fast Western. Fast Blues - as described by E. Barrelhouse - refers to the locations where much of early Boogie Woogie evolved.

Literally speaking, "Barrelhouse" can refer to any music that was traditionally played in barrelhouses. Consequently, not all "Barrelhouse" music was Boogie Woogie.

For example, some "Barrelhouse" music would have sounded more like Ragtime than Boogie Woogie. However, in present-day usage, "Barrelhouse" is Tall Shreveport guy wanted more often to refer to styles that sound more like Boogie Woogie and less like Ragtime.

Sometimes the term "barrelhouse" is used to refer to music that is said to have proceeded but led to Boogie Woogie, yet, unless distinctions are made as to what musical elements distinguish this usage of "Barrelhouse" from Boogie Woogie, this is an ambiguous distinction.

Many times "barrelhouse" is used to describe Boogie Woogie when it is played with the least structure of all, in which the player has no idea of what he or she is going to play until after starting to play. Such performances, as in the case of Alex Moore, are often accompanied by spontaneous commentary. Boogie - Sometimes uses as a contraction or synonym of "Boogie Woogie. Blues Piano - can refer to the fact that some Boogie Woogies use a bar or other common cyclical harmonic progression used in blues music.

Moreover, inMontgomery seems to indicate that when he was nine years Tall Shreveport guy wanted, circathe term " walkin' basses " was used to describe a Boogie Woogie bass figure. We called it the Loomis Gibson Blues which is the name of it. When I first tried to play it I was only around the age of nine so I used to only play a walking bass Are you a big girl or bbw then open this one finger then, but after I got up around twelve or fourteen I could double up and I could play with all of my hand.

We used to call it walkin' basses at the time, but we never called it anything special. Tall Shreveport guy wanted was playin' what you call boogie woogies ever since I was twelve or fourteen years old but then we called it Dud Low Joe. We used to call it walkin' basses at the Tall Shreveport guy wanted I used to only play a walking bass with one finger then, but after I got up around twelve, fourteen I could double up and play with all of my hand.

We called it Dudlow Joe. I didn't hear it called boogie till long after. If a guy played boogie piano they'd say he was a Dudlow player. Later on guitars played boogie too.

I remember Little Brother up on the truck playing piano. You've got to hear him do Farish Street Jive. It's the most beautiful thing. Years ago they called it Dudlow.

Examination of their quotes from the Paul Oliver interview and the Karl Gert zur Heide biography reveal that neither of them made such a claim.

For example, on page 5 of the biography, Willie Dixon states: In those days, if the beat wasn't uptempo, they called it 'barrelhouse' and if it was uptempo, they called it 'Dudlow' or 'Dudlow Joe. However, given that Dixon was not born untiland given that Montgomery was not born untilHot latino 4 latina m4t adult personals Osakis this claim is unbelievable because of accounts of Boogie Woogie bass figures having been played with structures involving 12 bars and various other numbers of bars prior to Of course, whether such structures prior to the birth of Montgomery could be considered "blues" structures is a matter of definition, but it is almost certainly the case that the elements used to accompany Boogie Woogie bass figures prior to had characteristics that would Adult personals stockbridge wisconsin easily been considered "blues" by modern definitions.

Moreover, Dixon's claim that the use of "barrelhouse" referred to music that "wasn't uptempo" is not a universal way of using the term "barrelhouse," as there are plenty of instances where the term "barrelhouse" is used more generally to describe any music that happened to be played in a barrrelhouse, be it slow or fast.

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However, the most ridiculous and unbelievable claim that Dixon makes is Tall Shreveport guy wanted he suggests that the term "boogie-woogie" was first used as a result of a desire to commercialize the music. This claim is at odds with multiple accounts which demonstrate that the music was being called "Boogie Woogie" by African Americans, whose use of "Boogie Woogie" had nothing to do whatsoever with a desire to "commercialize" the music.

Of course, there was a substantial commercialization of the term "Boogie Woogie" in the s, but this Tall Shreveport guy wanted well after the term "Boogie Woogie" had become part of the African American vernacular Tall Shreveport guy wanted non-commercial reasons. Moreover, Dixon makes the absurd claim that calling the music "boogie-woogie" would give the impression that the music was less "based on black folks' music" than would Women Tignall Georgia wanting dick if the music was called "dudlow.

However, in the later case of "Tommy Dorsey's Boogie Woogie," there probably was an intent to sterilize and obscure the black origins of the music to make it palatable for white audiences, but the use of "Boogie Woogie" in the title did not serve that function. Lastlydespite an extensive interview of Little Brother Montgomery, Paul Oliver's research led him to the conclusion that Boogie Woogie had originated in Texas. Similarly, after extensive Tall Shreveport guy wanted of both Little Brother Montgomery and Willie Dixon, Karl Gert zur Heide's wrote the following about the origin of Boogie Tall Shreveport guy wanted on page 11 of his book: For example, the Texas and Pacific Railroad was the primary railroad corridor between "New Orleans and Dallas"and the earliest primary railroad corridor between "Memphis and Houston" included the Texas and Pacific tracks between Texarkana and Marshall, Texas, and the Texas and Pacific tracks between Marshall and Longview, Texas.

Country Blues Piano - Sometimes used as a contrast to wamted blues, such as those with the Harlem Stride oom-pah bass lines. Honky Tonk - suggests a location and the sound of a train, as in "Honky Tonk Train". Ragtime - can refer to the syncopation i. Yet, Boogie Wantes usually does not have a oom-pah left hand as Lincolnshire women wanting sex predominant bass figure as Ragtime typically does.

Walking basses tend to be heard melodically and thus contrapuntal to right-hand parts, but because of Tall Shreveport guy wanted width and close Shrwveport of their chords, stride basses see below tend not to be perceived as melodic, but rather as harmonic accompaniment to right-hand parts. Put another way, "Walking" basses and "Stride" basses are on the same continuum, with "Striding" being wajted one end and "Walking" being at the other end.

In the movie, "Ray," 33 about the life of Ray Charles, the Ray Charles character indicates that he got his start playing "stride," yet this is a factual error. Tall Shreveport guy wanted the writers of this screenplay had stuck to the facts, they would have the Ray Charles Character say that he learned piano from a "Boogie Woogie" piano player, as the real-life Ray Charles indicated in his autobiography: I always give one name: I called him Mr.

Pit could play some sure-enough boogie-woogie piano. It was an old, beat-up upright and Tall Shreveport guy wanted most wonderful contraption I had ever laid eyes on. Boogie-woogie was hot then, and it was Tall Shreveport guy wanted first style I was exposed to. Pit played with the best of them. Pit"the Boogie Woogie player who kindly gave Ray his first piano lessons. Swing - Many Boogie Woogies have a swing A.

Jazz - Jazz is the most non-specific of all terms used to refer to Boogie Woogie. See section bellow titled, "Is Boogie Woogie Jazz? Thus, calling Boogie Woogie "Jazz" is Tall Shreveport guy wanted, but not very specific. What they played was essentially Boogie Woogie with the addition of vocals, guitars, Tall Shreveport guy wanted drums.

Rockabilly - Sometimes used to describe the use of a Boogie Woogie beats, Tall Shreveport guy wanted, bass lines often adapted to guitar in country music that emerged in the s and that in addition to the direct influence of piano-based Boogie Woogie influenced such artists as Jerry Lee Lewis and Chuck Berry, both of whom consider their own music to be a form of Boogie Woogie.

Sixteen - term used by Eubie Blake to refer to 16 notes in the left hand for every 4 in Tall Shreveport guy wanted right. However, Blake's account of the use of this term might have been concocted.

See section below on Eubie Blake. Historians must decide the arbitrary starting date at which they want to start making their historical inquiries and analysis. That is, every effect has its cause, which is the effect of a still earlier cause. With regard to the "origin" of Boogie Woogie, I could easily say that Boogie Woogie had its origins in West African ostinato percussive traditions Tall Shreveport guy wanted improvised lead percussive parts.

Moreover, these traditions existed prior to the slave trade to the Americas. In turn, these percussive traditions had their origins causes in still earlier facts of human biology. That is, improvised lead parts played on top of an ostinato substrate resonated with primitive humans for reasons that are almost certainly intrinsic to our evolutionary and sexual biology.

The in-and-out or back-and-forth movement of sexual intercourse. Accelerating ostinato probably had its first, primitive appeal because all three of the factors above accelerate during sexual intercourse. Improvised lead percussive parts probably had their first, primitive appeal because such parts sounded like the randomness, unpredictability, surprise, delight, and loss of control during orgasm and ejaculation.

However confused and confusing its etymology may be, there is no doubt that one of the meanings of the phrase boogie-woogie, as of the word jazz itself, is sexual Adult dating Joplin Missouri and what happens in the music is both descriptive and aphrodisiac.

The deeper implications of the act of coition come in, too, because in the relationship between the two voices or rather hands there is both a duality of tension, and also a desperate desire for unity which would, of its nature, destroy the forward Tall Shreveport guy wanted, make Time stop.

From this point of view the significance of the break is interesting. In this sense its effect is like an orgasm: Wilfrid Mellers also writes page The railway train—powerful at the Women seeking hot sex Hailey, snake-like in elongation—is probably a phallic image; and the railway also opened up and ravished the American wilderness.

Although it represented an endless series of departures, there was always the hope that one might arrive somewhere wonderful at the end. The Negro himself worked on the Tall Shreveport guy wanted, and rode on it legitimately or as hobo; in any case he was a traveler moved on by economic necessity, living in the mere fact of motion because he had little else to live for.

For this reason, the motion itself becomes a kind of immobility; and the piece ends, through inanition, in the same way as Indiana Avenue Stomp. This is indicated in the conventional fade-out on the flat seventh. Barrelhouse blues hardly ever end in tonic resolution, and Jimmy Yancey, what key he was playing in, tended to doodle out on the flat seventh Tall Shreveport guy wanted E flat.

Tall Shreveport guy wanted accelerating chugging sound of a steam locomotive is an ecstatic, orgasmic sound that naturally resembles the human sexual excitation cycle as described by researchers Masters and Johnson.

The chugging sound resembles the sound of human breathing and of perspiring bodies slapping together. After the steam locomotive is fully accelerated, the blowing of its whistle is analogous to the human orgasm. The slowing down of the steam locomotive as it pulls into the station is analogous to the slowing in breathing and refractory period between human sexual orgasms. A train wreck or boiler explosion 18 year old looking for text buddy Tall Shreveport guy wanted to having a heart attack and orgasm at the same time, following by immediate death, as Tall Shreveport guy wanted happens from time to time.

A History of the Blues: Otherwise you ain't got the music rightly understood. I could sit there and throw my hands down and make them gals do anything. Tall Shreveport guy wanted told them when to shake it, and when to hold it back. That's what this music is for. The fact that Ragtime and Boogie Woogie were the soundtracks of brothels is evidence of their role in representing, accompanying, and evoking sexual feelings and behaviors.

Pure, raw, Boogie Tall Shreveport guy wanted performed with its greatest degree of virtuosity always remains sexually aware. To not have this awareness or lose touch with one's own sexuality during the performance results in a less intense, less virtuosic, and less musically pleasing performance.

Occasionally, I will hear a music critic suggest that discussing the sexual relatedness of Boogie Woogie is an attempt to de-legitimize the musicality of Boogie Woogie.

Such criticism usually comes from someone who is uncomfortable with or who has a fear of public discussions of Tall Shreveport guy wanted. That is, someone's negative attitude towards sexuality, NOT sexuality itself, creates the mis-perception that sexuality de-legitimizes music. In this instance, fear, not sexuality, is the de-legitimizing factor.

I would argue instead that relatedness to sexuality whether or not it is conscious legitimizes, empowers, and builds a unassailable foundation for Boogie Woogie. In contrast, the decrease in creativity and dis-empowering effects of de-emphasizing sexuality is conveyed by the words of Sigmund Freud, who wrote: Moreover, along with the "profane," the "sacred" is always present.

Revealing the inseparable connectedness between the "profanity" and the "sacredness" of Boogie Woogie demonstrates its universality and consequently, increases its legitimacy. A poignant example of Boogie Woogie's dual Tall Shreveport guy wanted in a "sacred" and "profane" environments comes from T-Bone Walker, Tall Shreveport guy wanted first well-known electric blues guitarist.

Walker was born in northeast Texas in Linden, in the same far northeast region of Texas as Scott Joplin. Walker's influence on later artists, such as B. King, is profound and obvious. In fact, much of what is called B. King's "Delta Blues" comes from East Texas. Listening to the early recordings of T-Bone Walker will leave no doubts to this claim.

InWalker heard Boogie Woogie being played in his church in Dallas.

I Am Ready Man

So, clearly, not Tall Shreveport guy wanted churches considered Boogie Woogie to be evil or "the Devil's music. Indeed, the only significant differences between some African American Gospel music and secular African American Blues Music are the lyrics and the behaviors encouraged or associated with each genre of music.

The quality and intensity of the emotions felt during each genre of music are often indistinguishable, demonstrating once again an inseparable connection between the sacred and the profane. Thus, Hixton Wisconsin single lonely Boogie Woogie might not have always occurred in the context of a specific belief system of an organized religion, Boogie Woogie does provide what scholars, such as William James, have called "religious experiences.

Besides Boogie Woogie's and Jazz's inextricable sexual and spiritual relatedness, these styles of music are also intimately I wanna Pierre some pussy to American existentialism. This connection was passionately conveyed in the writings of Normal Mailer.

Solomon in University of Texas wrote: This is Tall Shreveport guy wanted to say that it has held an appropriate position in American intellectual life. For Jazz is orgasm, it is the music of orgasm, good orgasm and bad, and so it spoke across a nation, it had the communication of art even where it was watered, perverted, corrupted, and almost killed, it Tall Shreveport guy wanted in no matter what laundered popular way of instantaneous existential states to which some whites could respond, it was indeed a communication by art because it said, 'I feel this, and now you do too.

Is Boogie Woogie "Jazz? Sometimes this approach results in "defining" Boogie Woogie outside of the scope of "jazz. Tall Shreveport guy wanted only has Boogie Woogie traditionally been considered as a form of jazz, Boogie Woogie has been considered one of the most impressive forms of jazz. Moreover, unlike the others, he will not date: I hadn't heard anything like it in jazz before. A Left Hand Like God 9. Not until the s, did Boogie Woogie start to lose some of its identity as Jazz when Boogie Woogie gained widespread exposure and re-labeling as "Rock and Roll.

Moreover, there is no question that Boogie Woogie should still be considered a form of jazz, especially in improvisatory forms as practiced by modern-day Boogie Woogie composers. Furthermore, Boogie Woogie easily falls within modern definitions of jazz. To see why, consider this following analysis: Gridley, the following is written on page 4: However, Gridley enumerates the following possible definitions of jazz, all of which are satisfied by Boogie Woogie page Clearly, improvisatory Boogie Woogie easily satisfies all four of these definitions of Jazz.

Thus, Boogie Woogie, especially when involving improvisation, is a form of Jazz. In fact, improvisatory Boogie Woogie in some ways is more truly "jazz" than what is being taught as "jazz" in formal school programs around the world.

That is, to the extent that any music can be taught, it has lost some of its improvisational freedom, is being produced according to a set of rules, and is therefore less Ugly guys need love too, because its practitioners are not making up the rules Tall Shreveport guy wanted they go.

The best Boogie Woogie players, however, improvise not only the Tall Shreveport guy wanted notes they play, but also their harmonic progressions, and the number of bars for a given harmonic progression. Such broad improvisational freedom is greater than that in most music that is called "jazz," and can make it hard for jazz musicians who play pitched instruments to follow these Boogie Woogie performers, because the other jazz musicians playing pitched instruments are following the teaching of restricting themselves to a non-improvised number of bars, and non-improvised chord changes.

In contrast, Jazz musicians who play non-pitched instruments, such as percussionists, can typically follow and sound good with an advanced Tall Shreveport guy wanted Woogie player, while avoiding all of the unintended dissonances that result when players of two pitched instruments are unable to synchronize their improvised chord and other harmonic changes. Nonetheless, some of the same sensibilities, especially in the right-hand parts, informed both Boogie Woogie and Ragtime.

Although his exact place of his birth is uncertain, evidence indicates that Scott Joplin, the Father of Ragtime, was born in Northeast Texas, somewhere between Texarkana and Marshall Texas, possibly near Linden, where his family was known to be living not long after Scott's birth.

Scott Tall Shreveport guy wanted took his first piano lessons in Texarkana. Joplin Sexy Guys Springvale Maine known to have had a classically-trained German piano teacher, Julius Weiss, who was born in Saxony, circa Weiss might very well have brought a Polka "oompah" rhythmic Hot girls of Argostoli from the old country to Texarkana, Texas, where Joplin was his pupil.

The syncopated right-hand melodic parts of Ragtime are very similar to right-hand parts and motifs frequently heard in Boogie Woogie. If it were not for Boogie Woogie having Tall Shreveport guy wanted left-handed ostinatos distinctive from the harmonically-constrained, straight, 2-beat oom-pah pulse of Ragtime, and if it were not for the polyrhythmic interplay between right and left hands in Boogie Woogie, it might have never come to be regarded as a style Tall Shreveport guy wanted from Ragtime.

That fact there is a high degree of similarity between Joplin's syncopated, percussive right-handed parts and the syncopated, Tall Shreveport guy wanted right-handed parts of Boogie Woogie suggests that both Ragtime and Boogie Woogie were being influenced by the same stylistic sensibilities and tendencies present in African Americans in Northeast Texas from at least the s Tall Shreveport guy wanted. Scott Joplin's most distinctive compositional attribute was that of combining syncopated and percussive right-handed motifs with a European Polka harmonic structure.

They were harmonically appropriate to support the right-hand parts, yet were not very musically interesting or innovative in and of themselves. As compared to Boogie Woogie, Ragtime mainly because of its left-hand parts almost always feels rigid, unvarying, and march like. Indeed, in "The Smithsonian Collection of Classic Jazz"Smithsonian Institution Press 38Martin Williams states page 13"Ragtime was Tall Shreveport guy wanted a piano keyboard music and, one might say, an Tall Shreveport guy wanted version of the Tall Shreveport guy wanted, or its analog, the Sousa-style march.

Although some Ragtime had intricate right-hand parts, because of the unvarying, non-syncopated left-hand bass lines, Ragtime never realized the polyrhythmic heights achieved by Boogie Woogie.

Indeed, in Music in a New Found Land: In the same book 14Wilfrid Mellers also writes pages The essence of the rag is its unremittent rhythmic pattern which, though habitually syncopated, is never violent. The melancholy, the frenzy, the ecstasy of the blues are all banished. Instead of lament or orgy, we have a dead-pan manner that Tall Shreveport guy wanted out personal sensation. The music is hard, bright, obstinately eupeptic and incorrigibly cheerful; in its machine-made way it is even elegant, like Hi u want a pleasure time call me Negro dandy wearing his straw boater at a raffish angle.

In this sense, Takl are Tall Shreveport guy wanted alternative to the blues; and their use of the discipline of military music becomes equated with the disciplined non-humanity of a machine.

This is literally true: Perhaps it is better to be a merry machine, the music says, than to be human but blue: Although this poetry may Tall Shreveport guy wanted inherent in the situation rather than in the music itself, the later rags of the master of the convention, Scott Joplin, unobtrusively readmit those elements of tension which the rag had tried to deny.

Euphonic Sounds 43for instance, written inhas some oddly elliptical Meet women with no money in its second strain, wandering from tonic B flat to B minor, to E flat, and then from G minor to D flat major, changing to the relative B flat minor, and so back to tonic major; in the first strain it also indulges in syncopations in which the beat is merely implied.

In the later Magnetic Rag 44 such elements of relative complexity are structural as well as incidental, for Joplin modifies the third and fourth strains so that they acquire some of the features of a sonata development.

There is a long history of snobbery and resentment from some Ragtime players towards Boogie Woogie players. Interestingly, there does not seem to have been as much resentment from Boogie Woogie players towards Ragtime players. Specifically, the most resentment seems to have come from Ragtime players who tended to play with 2-to-the-bar, oom-pah, "striding" left hand bass figures.

Ragtime and Boogie Woogie players still sometimes get into arguments over whether Ragtime or Boogie Woogie is Tall Shreveport guy wanted difficult to play. For example, one dimension of variability in broken-octaves of Boogie Woogie and the oom-pah Shreveporrt of Ragtime is the size of the stride between one broken octave couplet to the next in Boogie Woogie, or between the "oom" and the "pah" in Ragtime.

Quite often, the arguments over difficulty arise over claims from Ragtime players who say the wide strides in their oom-pah left had parts are wantex to play than the closer intervals in some Boogie Woogie bass lines. Yet, size Older women dating for on holds barred sex stride is a dimension of variability that can be made wider in Boogie Woogie or Ragtime, resulting in either style becoming very difficult Tall Shreveport guy wanted play.

Consequently, a simple Ragtime piece with small strides would be easier to Tall Shreveport guy wanted that a complex Boogie Woogie piece with large strides.

On the Tall Shreveport guy wanted hand, a complex Ragtime piece with large strides and frequently-changing chords would be harder to play than a rudimentary Boogie Acadian Louisiana girls on webcams with a simple, shuffled-chord bass in a typical blues Tall Shreveport guy wanted involving only I, Tall Shreveport guy wanted, and V chords. Boogie Woogie players will often Shrevepory that improvisation, and the independence of left and right hand required to create Shreveporh complex polyrhythms of Shreveporg Woogie requires more skill than that typically required to play the striding bass of Ragtime.

Yet, a Ragtime piece with a wide stride with ever-changing chords between each oom-pah requires a high degree of skill. Therefore, since there is potentially infinite variability of difficulty in the genres of both Boogie Woogie and Ragtime, to globally label and stereotype one genre as Tall Shreveport guy wanted or easier to play than the other makes no sense. Instead, it makes more sense to say that different although somewhat overlapping skill sets are required for each style of music.

Influenced Tall Shreveport guy wanted Yancey, Albert Ammons. In his early teens he joined the bugle and drum corps. They had fourteen buglers and fourteen drummers; Albert was one of the drummers. Cyprus hookers sex his parents played piano.

Not long after the war, he sta rted to learn the blues and soon knew two or three good pieces. He listened to the Yancey brothers and to other Chicago pianists, including Hersal Thomas, another remarkable musician who never gained more than ghy fame. Hersal played all the favorite blues and was known especially for his own Suitcase Blues. Whenever Hersal Thomas, who made a deep impression on young Ammons, came to a party, the other pianists were afraid to play; so he became unusually popular and got all the girls.

During the twenties, many pianists featured this number as a 'get off' tune and in the variations played what is now considered Boogie Woogie. Indeed, all modern Boogie Woogie bass figures can Shrevepotr found in "The Fives," including swinging, walking broken-octave bass, shuffled swinging chord bass of the sort later used extensively by Ammons, Lewis, and Clarence "Pine Top" Smithand the ubiquitous "oom-pah" ragtime stride Girls in woods looking for cock Henderson Nevada. In the liner notes to the Sippie Wallace album, "Sippie Wallace Sings the Blues," released Shrsveport Storyville Records, historian Paul Oliver wrote the following about the influence of and untimely death of Hersal Thomas: Above is the cover of the "The Five's" usually referred to as "The Fives" without an Tall Shreveport guy wantedcopyright registered in by Hersal and George, and published Shrebeport If Wwanted has a full copy of this sheet music, I would love to hear from them at nonjohn yahoo.

Although he provides some valuable historical information in "Jazzmen" 1William Russell mistakenly wrote that Jim Yancey had written, "The Fives. In "Jazzmen" 1Russell erroneously writes. In "Jazzmen" 1Russell also erroneously writes. Although Russell was mistaken to credit Yancey with having written Tall Shreveport guy wanted Fives," Russell was correct when he Shreveeport that "The Fives" is "probably the germ Tall Shreveport guy wanted which most of the piano blues of the Boogie Woogie type grew Ammons, who was a pupil who admired Yancey, would have had no obvious motivation to credit Hersal Thomas while discrediting Jim Yancey.

Thus, Ammons' claim should be taken seriously. Specifically, Ammons' refutation of Russell's claim Tall Shreveport guy wanted be found on page 21 of Ernest Borneman's chapter on "Boogie Woogie," in chapter 2 of "Just Jazz" Some critics have said that the Fives are short for 'Five O'clock Blues', a title under which Jim Yancey recorded them.

But it seems much more likely that they take their name from that rudimentary boogie bass, fingered by first and fifth finger alone, which takes the tonic, adds the fifth and alternates back and forth between it and the sixth. Thus, since Yancey was born inYancey did not start to play the piano untilwhich is 2 years after George W. Thus, this Adult phone chat Lubbock still more evidence that Boogie Woogie had undergone significant development before Yancey ever started playing the piano.

On page 17 of the February 19, issue of Down Beat, Meade Lux Lewis speaks about the pianist who caused him to shift his allegiance from violin to piano:. It was something new and it got Ammons and me all excited. Sure wish I could remember his name. The best way to describe his way of playin' Tall Shreveport guy wanted to say that the right hand played The Fives while the left hand didn't matter. Shreceport could play any kind of left hand -- a rumble bass, a walkin' bass, and so on.

Given the most probable railroad route from Texas to Chicago, Hersal Thomas would have almost certainly come "from" St. Louis to arrive in Chicago. Tall Shreveport guy wanted, Meade Lux Lewis' account of a man "from St. Louis" who "emerged on the Chicago scene" playing "The Fives" indicates that this person was not Yancey who was from Chicagoand moreover, that Yancey had not been what inspired Lewis to switch his instrument from Tall Shreveport guy wanted to piano.

This interview was transcribed on pages of Cadence Magazine, Volume 13, Number 10, October, Starting on page 17 Shreveporrt this issue of Cadence Magazine, the following statements are made by Lewis: When my father died I left there Shrdveport had to go to work. They had something they called a 'continuation school' -- that's the heading it came under. A lot of kids were leaving school ahead of time and the education was so bad until they made it a ruling that they had to go into a 'continuation school' for a certain length of time.

I never did finish that. But music seemed to take hold of me because some fellow came up from St. Louis and he started playing this tune they call, 'The Fives. And he was playing this tune. Well, it seemed that all of the youngsters got a kick out of it and some of the older people did too -- the tune caught on like wildfire.

It seems like every time some guy would start playing "The Fives' all the gals would crowd all Tall Shreveport guy wanted him like mad. So I told Al, I said, 'We gotta learn how to play this stuff; let's get together. Lewis's comments eanted Down Single mature seeking horny fucking meet single woman and his comments quoted in Cadence Magazine, taken together Tall Shreveport guy wanted Ammons' Private sex Leyden Massachusetts that Hersal Thomas had brought "The Fives" to Chicago 35indicate that Hersal Thomas was almost certainly the person that Meade Lux Lewis Tall Shreveport guy wanted talking about when he was discussing the person who " came up from St.

Louis " to bring "The Fives" to Chicago. It is interesting to note that Lewis never says that the person who brought "The Fives" to Chicago had been born in St.

Adult Singles Dating In Ranson, West Virginia (WV).

Louis, but rather used the qualifier " from " or " came up from ," both of which are perfectly consistent with that person having been Hersal Thomas. Another source that is consistent Tall Shreveport guy wanted Lewis's comment about noticing the attention of women given to the person who played "The Fives," and therefore wanting to collaborate with Ammons to " learn how to play this stuff " comes from Tall Shreveport guy wanted Wallace, who told Axel Zwingenberger that Albert Ammons "would drop by their house every day in order to learn from Hersal.

Sippie is a very important part of blues history. And I was fortunate to meet her in Actually, my link with Sippie at first came out a relationship she had with the Ammons family, because Sippie's youngest brother was Hersal Thomas, and he was one of the most prolific Texas Blues piano players.

And they had moved to Chicago. And Albert Ammons as a teenager became very interested in that style. And Sippie told Tall Shreveport guy wanted that Albert would drop by their house every day in order to learn from Hersal.

And Sippie called him actually "Little Albert," which means that she knew him really Tall Shreveport guy wanted almost childhood days. Recall that William Russell stated the following in Jazzmen: In those days if a pianist didn't know the Fives and the Rocks he'd better not sit down at the piano at all.

Russell's comment that Hersal "got all the girls" is entirely consistent with the description by Lewis, who stated, " It seems like every time some guy would start playing "The Fives' all the gals would crowd all around him like mad. He has just passed his fifteenth birthday The outstanding song written by this young songwriter is entitled, "The Fives" This Tall Shreveport guy wanted his first commercial recording and has been followed by others which are meeting with a good sale among the dealers.

The CD "Boogie Woogie Blues" released in by Biograph Records contains digital recordings derived from the playback of piano rolls made by early Boogie Woogie artists. These recordings on the Solo Art label were Yancey's first recordings.

Of these recordings, Peter Silvester states page Thus, Silvester indicates that titles used by Yancey in these recordings had NOT been the titles used to refer to Yancey's musical material prior tobut had simply been a re-titling of Yancey's music. Indeed, if Jimmy Yancey had been playing "The Fives" or similar material in the s, it is hard to believe that he would not have had opportunities to record at that time, as nothing inhibited his communication with the talent scouts from the early record companies that were recording Yancey's associates.

Moreover, besides the thriving 'race' recording industry in Chicago at Tall Shreveport guy wanted time, Yancey's having toured on the T. Lastly, unlike Lead Belly, Yancey to my knowledge was not incarcerated, which would have made it more difficult to record, as when Lomax had to bring the recording equipment into the prison to record Lead Belly.

Peter Silvester's analysis page 9 of Yancey also raises doubts about Yancey recording so late relative to the other Boogie Woogie players: This influence is chronologically consistent with the fact that Yancey did not make his first recordings untilmany years after George and Hersal Thomas, and others made their first Boogie Woogie recordings. Five Meanings of Seldovia nude women Fives".

On page Tall Shreveport guy wanted of the February 19, issue of Down Beat, Meade Lux Lewis described "The Fives" as something that was done with the right hand, rather than the left. Moreover, inLewis has trouble Iso nsa married fun the name Tall Shreveport guy wanted the piano player who played "The Fives" for him and Ammons.

However, the article indicates the Lewis believed in that this pianist had been from St. Thus, to imagine that Lewis would have been unable to recall Yancey's name is hard to believe. Hersal Thomas' death by poisoning back in would have been consistent with Hersal's later obscurity and thus the difficulty that Lewis had in remembering Hersal's name. Still, the fact that Lewis though the pianist who played "The Fives" was from St.

There are several possible explanations. First, Lewis might have mistakenly thought that Hersal was "from" St. Hersal almost certainly travelled through St. Louis I need a fuck in search of a female submissive horny girls Kendenup his way to Chicago, thus, in this sense, would have indeed been "from" St. Looking for a dirty mind line of thought, taken along with Ammons' Tall Shreveport guy wanted that Hersal had brought "The Fives" to Chicago is consistent with Lewis having misattributed Hersal's town of origin.

Lastly, the article also indicates that Lewis had weighed as much as " pounds" and was "a short, round tub of a man Lewis also indicates the following on page 17 in this Down Beat article about the man Tall Shreveport guy wanted played "The Fives": Since Ammons has said that Hersal Thomas was the first person to bring "The Fives" to Chicago, it is reasonable to infer that Lewis was talking about Hersal.

This explanation for the origin of the name, "The Fives," contradicts the account given by Russell of being derived from a 5 O'clock performance time by Yancey or of a 5 O'clock Tall Shreveport guy wanted time for a Chicago steam Tall Shreveport guy wanted as claimed by some historians. Although the line above clearly Tall Shreveport guy wanted to a 5 a. Although the lyrics do not explicitly mention "Chicago," Thomas writes: Thus, it is clear that Thomas meant to refer to a departure town with a location east of San Francisco.

He might have intentionally been non-specific about the departure location so Dating married people Reading Vermont to give the lyrics broader appeal.

However, since George Thomas was living in Chicago when he wrote these lyrics, many have assumed that the "town" from Adult singles dating in Cochise he is Tall Shreveport guy wanted is Chicago. However, I have not confirmed if there was actually a Beautiful couple seeking sex encounter HI train s with a "5" identification number, or whether there was a train s from Chicago that arrived in San Francisco at either 5 p.

Still, Chicago seems to be the best working assumption.

Horny Older

The number 5 on the cover of Waned sheet music, and the fact that the train is with 5 axels see above is consistent with George Thomas' lyrics specifically referring to the locomotive as "Old Five" and "number 5" in the lyrics to "The Fives. Moreover, in addition to the system of notation that classifies steam locomotives by the number of wheels, classifying steam locomotives is by their number of Axels is common.

That is, the steam locomotive on the cover of "The Five's" sheet music West Colorado Springs sex chat roulette a by Tall Shreveport guy wanted of wheels and a "5" by number of axels. The system of classifying steam locomotives Shreve;ort their number of axels is still commonly used in Europe. Specifically, the lyrics state: Moreover, in Europe, 5-axel steam locomotives are still referred to as "the fives.

The final line of "The Fives" provides the most metaphorical meaning of "The Fives: I've got the Frisco I mean Frisco evening Fives. At first glance, this line might appear to be referring to an evening arrival time. However, the expression " Instead, given the exuberant imagery of Thomas' lyrics, having the "Frisco evening Fives" sounds like he is ready to have an exciting night out in San Francisco.

Since George Tall Shreveport guy wanted previously changed the title of his "Hop Scop Blues" to "New Orleans Hop Scop Blues," and since he added lyrics referring Shreveporf New Orleans to his purely-instrumental "Hop Scop Tzll that he had previously performed in Houston, a Shreevport process probably gjy place when he wrote lyrics to "The Fives. By writing lyrics for "The Fives" while living in Shrevepport, Thomas could appeal to the desire of African Americans to travel from the hardships of Chicago or other cities to places that they imagined to be better, such as California.

The hands themselves -- Cassell's Dictionary of Slang,pagementions several meanings of " fives ," including " the hand usually when Tall Shreveport guy wanted in Tall Shreveport guy wanted fist ," which is attributed to the late 18th century. It also gives a 17th century usage of " fives " as meaning " a foot.

The association with fists and fighting suggests the expression, " two-fisted piano " and " dueling pianos. In the s, " fives " came to mean masturbation. Something that the left or right hand does. Statistics or numbers associated with locomotives - A quantity of locomotives; identification numbers; number of axels on a a. Times on the clock - both 5 p. They realize, Single housewives seeking porno Frederick do I, that the Negro playing this peculiar style has achieved something actually creative.

Many see in the simple harmonic structure of boogie woogie, with its unlimited possibilities of variations, the starting point of a much needed trend toward individualized, contrapuntal music, a conclusion to which I also subscribe. Dance bands throughout the land are featuring it. Dozens of phonograph records are being issued, featuring boogie woogie artists.

I have found it a most interesting style myself, and must confess I derive unusual Tall Shreveport guy wanted playing it. Conlon Nancarrow is Tall Shreveport guy wanted classical musician who has appreciated and composed in a complex Boogie Woogie style. See section on Nancarrow below.

However, other sections of Jazzmen besides Russell's chapter also discuss Boogie Woogie. If anyone knows of any Tall Shreveport guy wanted book chapters on the history of Boogie Woogie, or other references, please email me at nonjohn nonjohn.

George Washington Thomas, Jr. Since George Washington Thomas, Jr. Sippie Wallace was born in Houston init is possible to trace what would have been the most likely migratory pathway used by the Thomas Family as they migrated from Little Rock, Tall Shreveport guy wanted to Houston, TX.

Beforerailroads would have been the most likely form of transport for African Americans and others travelling such a distance. Coming into contact with steam locomotives is consistent with their chugging sound, felt by many to sound like Boogie Woogie.

Given these reasonable assumptions, the Thomas family probably relied on three railroads in the Jay Gould system to transport them from Little Rock to Houston as early Tall Shreveport guy wanted the year of George Thomas, Jr. Blue Tall Shreveport guy wanted indicates the probable migratory pathway of the Thomas family after the birth of George W.

See Jay Gould section.

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With the exception of the northern portions of Harris County and the southern portion of Montgomery County just north of Harris County guh, this north-south railroad corridor established in from Texarkana to Houston was completely contained within the Piney Woods Tall Shreveport guy wanted East Texas. From north to south, this corridor contained the following towns: The map above Tall Shreveport guy wanted adapted from Charles Zlatkovich's excellent book, " Texas Railroads.

The dates in parentheses by some town Shrefeport indicate the year when a railroad arrived in that particular town.